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  • Found money (over £500), but don’t know what to do?

This is theft by finding, you don’t want to do that, you want to report it to the authorities, but the circumstances you found the money in, could be compromising, embarrassing, or cause awkward scenarios, etc…

You don’t want a friend to hand it in, because they will undoubtedly want to know your business…

Let ConscienceEase solve your dilemma, send us the found money, with details, where found, when, time/date, etc   We then take the money to the authorities on your behalf, there is approximately a four week wait for the authorities to say whether the funds have been claimed by their rightful owner or not, if they have been returned to their rightful owner, then you have done a good deed, well done, your conscience is clear...

If there is a reward/gift we will email you with the details of this and how to collect-if the gift is financial, we will deduct a 15% handling/admin fee.

If the money is not claimed, we will return it to you, less a 20% handling/admin fee.

You will be emailed with the progression of your find.

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Charity Option

Should you not want the money if unclaimed, or any reward, please click on the charity option below, the funds will be evenly distributed between the three charities (less our handling fee)…

Amnesty International
Sickle Cell

We take Cash, Gold, Money Orders, Bank Drafts, Cheques