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Q. I’ve sent you a substantial amount of money, do you guys think you could send a receipt or certificate, so I could show the parasites that are bugging me?

A. Thank you for your question, this is something we will definitely be looking at in the near future..

Q. I can’t understand your site, why would anyone send you money, just like that?

A. This site is not for you, from your mindset, we can see you are a person who would ask, why would someone spend £3,000,000 on a yacht? Our clients are successful high net worth individuals, if/when you become one, you may comprehend and appreciate.

Q. Why do you not take credit cards?

A. We do not accept cards, because the terms of credit card Companies contravene our No-money back policy.

Q. Hello, my sponging family, is pressuring me to get back the funds I’ve sent you, what do you suggest?

A. Direct them to our No-money back policy & tell them to go earn their own money.

Q. Hi, please don’t think me cheeky, but why would someone give their finances to you, instead of say a charity?

A. Our clients indeed do give to charity, feedback from them indicates that once they give, the begging doesn’t stop and in some cases they get requests from other charities, our service is a unique one way discreet method for individuals to permanently rid themselves of finance.