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  • Plagued by money problems, begging letters, all of a sudden new found friends and family, sycophants abound???
  • Family/friends keep begging you for money, they know you’ve got it, get rid of some or all of it Fast!!!
  • You worked hard for your money or you obtained it easily, now it’s causing all sorts of family problems and sagas, causing infighting and jealousy, Stop This Now!!!!
  • Just won or inherited money, but afraid to tell people because you know they’ll change their attitude toward you? Want to get rid of that money, permanently and discreetly?
  • Remember the days when you made your first million? Handling/coping was easy then, Now many millions later, you’ve got grey hair, more headaches, stress and leeches everywhere, unload those millions, get back to the good old days…

Send your money to us, sorted!!!!!!

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We take Cash, Gold, Money Orders, Bank Drafts, Cheques